NextQuestion is a new Q&A app centered around text questions & voice answers. The prototype has been in beta for a couple months, with hundreds of people on it. We believe NextQuestion can grow into a larger community of friends, experts, and personalities asking and answering each other’s questions!

The audio space is growing enormously, and we think it will continue to do so. We hope NextQuestion positions itself long-term as a new type of audio media through Q&As. By leveraging the power of text and short audio, we hope it’s an easy and quick-to-content experience. We hope by keeping it casual and short, cool uses of this q&a interface will surface that we can then help support with a great app.

NextQuestion spun out of a studio setup focused on social audio apps since the summer of 2019. Previous apps include Partyline, FriendLine, Rodeo, and Office Hours. The studio is backed by Floodgate, Bessemer Venture Partners, BoxGroup, General Catalyst& SVAngel.

We are all super excited about the future of audio and what’s next for NextQuestion! Our team of product designers and engineers is small and fully remote. At the moment, we are hiring for engineering, design, community, and growth roles. If this could be you, please reach out to us.